17/05/05 - FAIRE PARIS

The office has won a grant funding to lead a research about the stone, its review, and its avaibility to build the Grand Paris.

17/04/26 - 17 housing, RIVP, Paris 11, France

Competition, 1st prize. To build with massive stones in the center of Paris. Completion due septembre 2017.

17/03/10 - Urban renewal, Paris 20, France

The team formed with TVK and barrault pressacco won the competition to invent the future of the Porte de Montreuil in Paris 20.

17/02/10 - 15 apartments, Ivry Sur Seine, France

Competition, first prize. To preserve, renovate and extend an existing building in Ivry-sur-Seine (94). Completion due end of 2018.

16/12/15 - Urban renewal, Maubeuge, France

The studies are ending in Maubeuge. The river Sambre has been the most important topic during the process.

16/04/22 - 90 apartments, Paris 12, France


16/02/03 - 46 apartments, Ormesson sur Marne (94), France


15/11/02 - 18 apartments, Le Raincy (93), France

Competition, first prize. To build in a residential area in Le Raincy. Completion due end of 2018.

15/07/05 - The New Stadiums, Paris, France

Reinventer Paris, Competition. To invent the new stadiums in Paris.

14/11/13 - 24 apartments, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France

Competition. Project canceled.

14/10/28 - 15 apartments, Paris 18, France

Competition, first prize. To question the tradition of the thick façade in Paris. Completion due begining of 2019

14/06/25 - Urban renewal, Paris 18, France

Competition, first prize. To design the new Porte de Clignancourt in Paris 18.

14/04/22 - 28 apartments, Arcueil, France

clément guillaume photographe

13/12/23 - MEZZ, Paris 10, France

clément guillaume photographe

13/12/06 - Urban renewal, Genève, Suisse

Competition. To create a context for a composition.

13/11/19 - House, Gonneville-sur-Mer

The project has been selected for the Première Oeuvre 2013 award.
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13/07/01 - 540 student housings, Cergy, France

Competition, 1st prize. To invent the typology for new shared apartments.

12/12/10 - apartment renovation, Paris 11, France

clément guillaume photographe

12/11/30 - School, Vevey, Suisse

Competition, with beth hughes.

12/02/02 - House extension, Montreuil, France

clément guillaume photographe

11/03/29 - 150 apartments, Lille, with TVK

Competition, with Trévelo & Viger-Kohler architectes urbanistes

10/05/19 - boutique It Mylk, Paris

barbara bouyne photographe

10/02/22 - Apartment renovation, Paris

clément guillaume photographe

10/01/18 - Tower Montparnasse 2, competition, Paris

Competition. To respond to the too aged tour Montparnasse.

09/10/12 - Europan X, competition, Madrid

Compeition, honorable mention. To define a new order in Madrid.

08/10/25 - Torre Bicentenario, competition, Mexico

competition, honorable mention, with arnaud zein el din. Apollo VC Dyonisus.