067 CGP

Taming the open space and the vast stretches of landscape, prolonging the common principles of segmentation, defining the measure of the new spaces, drawing a final scale for the landscape dedicated to the quotidian and the domestic – these themes have structured the implantation of seven accommodation buildings in Villejuif on two adjoining plots, and articulated new volumes within the existing low density fabric.
The volumes are all identical: only their heights vary in relation to the neighbouring scales and the topography. The project’s fragmentation multiplies the corner locations: the accommodations thus enjoy clear sights across the Bièvre valley. Significant external areas are disposed in the prolongation of the internal living spaces. All the buildings are built according to the same constructional principle. Wooden floors lie on a core and lightly-tinted, pre-cast concrete panel facades. The facades are all composed with the same window, and this equivalence is an answer to the diffuse, non-hierarchical urban environment within which this project inserts itself.


Villejuif (94), France




2 307 m2 (SDP)


4 450 000 €HT


PRO, completion due 2020


FACEA (engineers)


42 apartments