089 SVP

Choosing to preserve a building is a decision that commits the project to a particular process. It is a logic which compels and highlights as much the image of the existing building as its potential and its ability to become contemporary once again. The choices made about the structural and the thermal approach, or about the uses and functioning of the various programs, testify to this choice and demonstrate the agility of the Lelong building in forming a link between past, current and future events of the district. The volumetric strategy of the extension makes it possible to create two large gardens along the two wings of the existing building. These places of leisure, activity, and contemplation are accessible to all residents of the Lelong building, and contribute to the green landscape of the community as a whole.


96 apartments, locaux d'activités, ateliers d'artistes


Paris 14 (FR)


Demathieu & Bard Immobilier, Bouygues Immo, Batigère


11 030 m2 (SDP)


24 500 000 €HT


Competition 2019


Thomas Raynaud (architect), 22 Degrés (landscape architect), SIFCA (structure), OASIS (sustainability)