080 VER

75 accommodations are spread over two buildings, which are implanted on both sides of an alleyway that connects an islet core’s dead-end and a street following the railway tracks on the path below. A medical centre occupies the ground floor of the building facing a retirement house, reinforcing the medical prevalence of the district. A restaurant is installed on the corner opposite and benefits from this new public space.
The buildings are constructed in structural massive stone. The resource is extracted from the Violet quarry, which belongs to the operation’s developer and is located 60km from the site. The complementarity between stone and cast on site concrete elements propels the building into a future where the sectors’ coexistence becomes the condition of a new balance of the construction’s material mix.


75 apartments, medical center, retail


Versailles (78), France


Verrechia + Immobilière 3F


4 700 m2 (SDP)


5 850 000 €HT


Competition 2018


Atelier Georges (architect), Tekhne (structure), Vizea (sustainability)