012 MYK

This project builds the identity of a chain of take-away ice-cream and frozen yoghurt shops through a first pilot shop.
The plan organises two main spaces, the living-room (for the reception, consumption and ordering of products) and the kitchen (for preparation and sales). The preparation zone picks up the vocabulary and the qualities of a kitchen – the coloured tiling and the stainless steel recall its cleanliness, hygiene and functionality. The entry to the shop, the waiting area, the sale and the consumption of products are located in the living-room, where one can find more domestic connotations with ordinary furniture, solid parquet, and a fabric curtain. The neon illuminates the brand and gives a street presence to the boutique.


Ice cream and frozen yogurt shop


Paris 6, France


Mylk Development


2 150 m2 (SHON)


125 000 €HT


Completion 2011


Agelec (all work), Vito (sign), Forge du Morvant (stairs)