086 AUG

'In Ground We Trust' is the association of a sculpture, 'Mandala', and two photographs, 'Extractions'.
'Mandala' brings closer two natural materials: stone, a fragment of the ground, and wood, a product of the ground, and is composed of three rectangular parallelepipeds with squared sections and identical proportions. The three parts form the sharp edges of an unfinished but already legible cube, and delineate a opened space. Each part is constituted by a stone element and a wood element, and all these fragments are subordinated to the whole, which overcomes and unites them, and which links form and matter in an immutable permanence.
'Extractions' are the recordings of the original grounds, and each of them testifies to the provenance of the resources. The materials conserve their condition in all the steps of their transformation, and 'Mandala' exhibits their intrinsic nature. 'Mandala' organises the assembly of indigenous resources following an exogenous logic.
'In Ground We Trust' portends new paradigms, organises the convergence of branches, celebrates assemblies. 'In Ground We Trust' relates the ground we inhabit and gives emphasizes the telluric thrust to thought and construction. It is the allegory of a territory whose outlines are made legible by the resources engaged in the architecture.


Architecture and Landscape Biennal


École d'Architecture de Versailles (78), France


Djamel Klouche - l'AUC


May 3rd - July 13th 2019


Giaime Meloni (photography), Benjamin Gorridge (wood), Lefèvre (stones), République Studio (graphic design)