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The metropolitan infrastructures, which generate high-speed mobilities and thereby a very large accessibility (Massy-Palaiseau multi-modal pole), locally fracture Massy’s territory, and potentially generate a kind of insularity.
The study Des Lieux et des Liens, led for the city of Massy and Paris Sud Aménagement proposes to overcome this paradigm and to define the new links that will be apt in re-connecting the districts. These links will be invented by considering the best of Massy’s specificities, and in integrating an intensified awareness of the nature of the grounds and the green and blue existing wefts, at a local or larger scale. They will complete or extend the network of the existing public spaces, while revealing, in this way, Massy’s belonging to a wider territory.


Massy (91), France


Paris Sud Aménagement, Ville de Massy


50 hectares


Study 2018


Atelier Georges, Ville en Oeuvre (economy), Filigrane (programmation)