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In 2017, the office was the successful candidate for the FAIRE call for proposals, which was launched by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal. Our research focuses on the ability of the stone sector to take part significantly in the Île-de-France’s construction, and demonstrates the abundance of the resource near the region and the metropolis.
The research leads in the Autumn to an exhibition divided into three large parts. The first is the inventory of the active quarries, in a 100 kilometres’ radius around the capital, installed in the flush layer of limestone propitious to construction. A second part showcases the low consumption of energy used during the material’s transformational steps – extraction, sawing, transfer and emplacement. Finally, the last part highlights the recent interest in massive stone construction in Paris, and augurs well for a near future that will give a new vitality to the sector.


Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris 4, France


Pavillon de l'Arsenal


Research 2018
Exhibition Ocrober 16th-December 16th 2018


Giaime Meloni, photographs
République Studio, graphic design