081 JOU

The project is located at the corner of a dense islet in Paris’ 14th district, alongside the Boulevard Jourdan, at the intersection with a street and a cul-de-sac that offer three possible orientations to the building. The entirety of the plot is extruded on eleven levels, and the volume proposes setbacks in the floors so as to negotiate its volume with the neighbouring environment.
The massive stone floors lay on a single internal line and on structural massive stone facades, thus freeing the plan from any structural contingency. The facades are equivalent on all the project’s faces. Three distinct registers carve the project’s general height, and organise three openings and the external spaces’ regularities. Stones of different natures and aspects are thus deployed, and draw specific window types according to the situation.


69 apartments


Paris 14, France


Bouygues Immobilier


3 763 m2 (SDP)


6 700 000 €HT


Competition 2018


Bollinger+Grohmann (structure, façade), VPEAS (economy)