057 NET

The masterplan is an addition of three distinct parts. A first logic finalises the double thickness built along Docteur Arnold Netter avenue several decades ago; in the centre a second U-shaped logic offers a facade for the new garden, and aligns along the new thoroughfare; the third logic is a low-rise building that re-enacts the Cité Debergue’s scales, and thereby hangs on the reduced templates on the West side of the plot.
These three autonomous logics are added without articulation and build a cherchante form, which liberates the largest possible surface for a new garden. The apartments take advantage of this complex form and enjoy angular situations or multiple orientations.
A one and only material and construction system regulates the whole operation. A solid and built assemblage, made of structural maxi-bricks and concrete lintels, evoke the materiality of large Parisian public constructions at the end of the19th century, as much as the HBM ensembles characteristic of the 1930s.


90 apartments, 1 crèche (99 beds)


Paris 12, France


Logis Transport / SEDP


6 443 m2 (SDP)


15 650 000 m2 €HT


Competition 2016


Bollinger+Grohman (structure), Bureau Michel Forgue (economy), Espace Temps (thermical, shafts), Acoustique Conseil (acoustic)