124 OBJ

Objets Trouvés is an invitation to think collectively about the subjects of reuse and repurposing of materials in order to add a necessary cultural and disciplinary dimension. This exhibition brings together forty-two international practices to speculate on the transformation of a series of objects, and builds new, indulgent and poetic views with the material heritage that surrounds us. Small or large, artisanal or industrial, in use or abandoned, found through physical or virtual wanderings and chance encounters, these objects model together a sample of our society. Composed of an initial state and a fantasized state, the diptychs presented here offer each of the found objects a new life and a new architectural destiny. This journey between reality and fantasy, between economy and speculation, between form and function, saves from certain obsolescence every object of our daily lives, becomes a potential form and matter, and calls to be considered beyond all judgment. This collection reads like a new desire, and constitutes the first fragments of a possible common architectural language.


Group exhibition & Publication


Barrault Pressacco


Cité de l'architecture et du Patrimoine


April - June 2023


127af, Paris
agmen, Brussels
AREA (Architecture Research Athens), Athens
BAUCLUB, Brussels
Boman, Paris – Nantes
BURR, Madrid
Studio Céline Baumann, Basel
bureau David Apheceix, Paris – Pau
Davidson Rafailidis, Ontario
Studio Donna van Milligen Bielke , Amsterdam
DUO ZS, Romainville
Exercice, Paris, France
FELT architecture & design, Ghent
formalocal x Thomas Sindicas , Paris – Biarritz
GAFPA, Ghent
GANKO, Milan
G R A M M E, Paris
Jean-Benoît Vétillard architecture
KADID STUDIO, Basel – Paris
Buero Kofink Schels, Munich
KOSMOS Architects, Zurich – Graz
LABORATOIRE + Juliette Blatter, Brussels
Lauka • studio for architecture, objects and urbanism, Ghent
M – AP architectes, Lausanne
MacIver-Ek Chevroulet, Neuchâtel
Madeleine architectes, Vevey
MBL architectes, Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine – Toulouse
m i o g u i, Le Havre
Niimori Jamison, Osaka – Melbourne
Norell/Rodhe, Stockholm
O A S I, Milan
Paradigma Ariadné, Budapest
Pierre-Arnaud Descôtes, Paris
pihlmann architects, Copenhagen
Piovenefabi, Milan – Brussels
Studio Rijsel, Lille – Wazemmes
RREEL, Paris
Sanchez Benton architects, London
t o b Architect, Dublin
UN1ON, Strasbourg
VORBOT bureau d’architecture, Paris – Marseille