054 ORM

The project masses three buildings of various heights and widths. Each of them comprises a roof of two slopes, although the ridges vary according to their liveability.
The ground plan is intended to result both in offsets from one building to the other, and at the same time to respect urban regulations and prospects between buildings, but also in order to generate a picturesque and subtle landscape. The two projects, existing and new, intertwine in a single logic. The aim is to preserve a low-density city identity, while taking advantage of these new proximities to propose new urban qualities for the future residency. The regularity of the drillings is another key to give obvious kinship to the three buildings. Notwithstanding, this regularity varies, and proceeds by slight alterations, making the reading of the ensemble richer and more ambiguous.


45 apartments


Ormesson-sur-Marne (94), France


Immobilière 3F


2 595 m2 (SDP)


4 112 000 €HT


Competition 2016


EVP (structure), Wor (shafts), Axio (economy)