049 PAR

Three sites are identified as they present similar situations: they are located at the intersection of the green belt – a logic of leisure and sports facilities that surrounds the capital – and major radials that generate connections between the central metropolis and its suburbs.
A similar programmatic strategy colours the buildings on each of these three sites, and generates three open structures able to foster a cohabitation between sporting uses and more typical functions such as accommodations or offices.
In Paris’ 13th district, sports fields settle below students’ accommodations. In the 17th district, large free open spaces formed of offices and sports facilities cross the ring-road.
In the 19th district, public ground is augmented by playing fields so as to link a large park and an RER station. In every case, it is a capable, open-structure that organises the conditions of dissimilar programmes, but which find in these multiple oppositions unprecedented opportunities.


Sport facilities, housing, student housing, offices, retail, leisure


Paris 13, Paris 17, Paris 18, France


Groupe Idec, Le Five


13 000 m2, 38 000 m2, 45 000 m2


22 000 000, 75 000 000 and 130 000 000 €HT


Competition 2016