124 CIT

Found object, recomposed form, created architecture. Invited by the Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine in duo with the Collectif Encore to take over the Plateforme de la creation architecturale, our installation entitled Objet trouvé brings a new perspective to approaching reuse. While questions of economy - of means, materials, energies, markets - interrogate our modes of construction and consumption of resources, the transformation of a halfpipe into an architectural model adds a cultural and disciplinary ambition to the strategy of reuse. The object found here is, in fact, borrowed. During its dismantling, no pieces were altered in order to anticipate a possible reconstruction of the original object. The economy of gesture thus becomes as much a rule of design as a formal strategy. The model shapes the memory of the object, concealing neither the original plywood, nor the traces of black paint on the edges, nor the curves that recall the previous form. The perception oscillates between novelty and déjà-vu, appearance and disappearance, memory and discovery.




Plateforme de la création architecturale, Paris


Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine


On show from Novembre 2022 to May 2023